Sr. Loan Officer

Jason Chavez

I am in the business of helping people navigate the complex world of home loans. With my knowledge and experience, I can guide you through the loan process, find terms that fit your budget, and ensure all legalities are competently handled for a smooth closing. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, looking to trade up, deciding to downsize, refinance, or simply wishing for a change, I am here to help. Before you ever make an offer on a property, I will sit down with you to review your budget, income, and savings, helping you understand what type and amount of loan works best for your situation. Interest rates are just one aspect of the complete package, and I will help you consider all your options so you can focus on making the best decision for your needs.

Originally from “Colorful Colorado,” I moved to Tampa Bay in 2001 in pursuit of a longer summer, a longer boating season, and more sunny days. With a background in helping people, a passion for real estate investing, and a track record of success in sales, the mortgage business was a natural fit for me. I enjoy working with everyone from first-time buyers and second home investors to established real estate investors seeking nontraditional financing. At Florida Pro Mortgage, I have access to a multitude of lenders and loan programs, allowing me to evaluate your specific situation and select the best fit for your borrowing needs. If you’re looking for insight on the best mortgage options for your situation, give me a call today.

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