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Tailored Luxury Loan Services in Florida

At Only Jumbo Loans, we understand that purchasing a luxury home is more than just a transaction; it's a significant milestone that deserves careful attention and specialized expertise. Based in Tampa, and servig buyers throughout Florida, we are dedicated to catering to the unique needs of high-value home buyers ...

Specialized Solutions for Luxury Home Buyers

Navigating the world of high-value home loans requires a specialized set of skills and a deep understanding of the luxury real estate market. At Only Jumbo Loans, we pride ourselves on our expertise in Jumbo Loans, which are designed for properties with loan amounts exceeding $750,000. This specialization allows ...

The 3 Reasons

Why should you consider using Only Jumbo Loans to handle your home purchase or refinance? Our objective is to provide good value, and great service to our borrowers. As JUMBO LOAN Specialists, we achieve that objective with a few key differences that set us apart from other lenders.

We will provide you with a breakdown of loan options showing competitive rates from 5 different top lenders. This way, you can be assured you are getting a competitive interest rate on your purchase or refinance. Also, this will save you the hassle of having your credit run multiple times or having to share your financial information & personal documents all over town.

Instead of charging you the typical origination fee that most lenders build right into the interest rate (in Florida, max of 2.75% of the loan amount), we simply charge a reduced fee of 2%. Similar to a “buydown” or paying for “points”, the effective difference is a reduction in the rate and monthly payment for the borrower. Quite simply, we are using a portion of the Broker compensation to buy your rate down, giving you full transparency and a better deal overall.

Unlike financial institutions and retail lenders who are only open “Banker’s hours”, we recognize that real estate transactions often happen after hours and on the weekends. As one of our borrowers, you will have direct access to your dedicated Loan Officer and the rest of the team at Florida Pro Mortgage. As urgent needs may arise during the home buying process, we encourage you to call, text, or email your Loan Officer; even after hours so that we can be proactive in addressing those needs.

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Discover Your Ideal Financing Solution

Discover the perfect financing options for your luxury and high-value home purchases with our expert services. At Only Jumbo Loans, we specialize in providing customized mortgage solutions, refinancing options, and no-cost assessments to meet the unique needs of luxury home buyers. Explore how we can help you secure the best rates and personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

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Ready to take the next step towards securing your luxury home financing? Our team at Only Jumbo Loans is here to provide you with expert advice and personalized assistance. Whether you have questions about our services, need help with the loan process, or want to explore your options, we're here to help.